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Now that you’ve booked a session are you hesitant about what in the world you should wear for pictures? Confused as to what style you’re going for? Hipster maybe? Or romantic.. or how about charming yet casual? Family pictures as well as any type of photoshoot can be a bit stressful... but when it comes to coordinating outfits I provide a complimentary service through Style & Select to help ease your pain. Simply click “Get Started” below! 

Next, select "Questionnaire" once you’ve entered my email ( as well as your “Style Code.

After you choose & have a better idea of your outfits of choice, don’t feel pressured to buy anything and everything new. Look & compare on Amazon or stop by Target or look what you already have in your closet!

Please do not hesitate to text or call me with questions! 913-231-1425

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